Research Applications Board (RAB)

The primary function of the WRF/MPAS Research Applications Board (RAB) is to review trends and emerging science and technologies and to identify and prioritize opportunities for advancing the capabilities of WRF for use by the research community. The RAB meets annually at the WRF/MPAS Users' Workshop. The head of the RAB is a senior scientist with leadership in mesoscale numerical weather prediction research, and RAB members are leaders of WRF/MPAS working groups and the community. The RAB spans a cross-section of the atmospheric sciences to provide the vision and leadership for sustaining WRF/MPAS as modesl for the research community.


  • Shuyi Chen, University of Miami
  • Chris Davis, NCAR
  • Robert Fovell, UCLA
  • Georg Grell, NOAA
  • Todd Hutchinson, The Weather Company
  • Brian Jewett, University of Illinois
  • Joe Klemp, NCAR
  • Ruby Leung, PNNL
  • Cliff Mass, University of Washington
  • Bill Skamarock, NCAR
  • Lou Wicker, NOAA NSSL
  • Ming Xue, University of Oklahoma


The RAB convenes annually and the last meeting was June 2021