Engineering for Climate Extremes: Ignite Talks


Talk Title

Alan Gadian, National Centre for Atmospheric ScienceHigh resolution modelling of weather and precipitation in future climates
William Capehart, South Dakota School of MinesClimate Change Impacts on Livestock and Infrastructure on the Northern Great Plains
Erin Towler, NCAR Capacity Center for Climate and Weather ExtremesDetecting, Interpreting, and Modeling Hydrologic Extremes to Support Flexible Water Management and Planning
Mark West, IntelArtificial Intelligence in Decision Making
Patricia Gude, Headwaters EconomicsMaking Cimate Science Relevant
Nick Grue, National Renewable Energy LaboratoryRenewable Energy and Grid Resilience
Janey Camp, Vanderbilt University Resilience Across Sectors
Jack Fellows, Oak Ridge National LaboratoryResiliency Tools Developed for Knoxville, Tennessee and Beyond
William Baugh, DigitalGlobeShortwave Infrared (SWIR) Satellite Imagery, Earth remote-sensing applications: Fires and smoke, moisture, infrastructure
Thomas Wall, Argonne National Laboratories 
John Snow, Snow & Associates, LLC and University of Oklahoma Weather and Climate Modeling and Forecasting Challenges in Africa