MMM Seminars

The MMM seminars are held at 3:30 pm Thursdays in Room 1022 of NCAR's Foothills Lab, except in special circumstances as noted below.  The seminar coordinators are Judith Berner, with administrative support from Nancy Sue Kerner (  Video recordings of many previous MMM seminars are also available below.

* - Indicates MMM Distinguished Speaker Series

Past MMM Seminars

Date Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Recording
Feb 20, 2020 A multidisciplinary approach to improving prediction and risk communication of eastern Colorado hailstorms (RAL/MMM Joint Seminar) Samuel Childs Colorado State University, Dept. of Atmospheric Science Video Recording
Feb 13, 2020 Evaluation of the Arctic Atmosphere Using Cycled Data Assimilation and a High-Resolution Global Model Christopher Riedel The University of Oklahoma Video Recording
Feb 6, 2020 Quantifying the Influence of Climate Change on Economic Risk from Hurricanes in the United States Ian Bolliger UC Berkeley Video Recording
Jan 30, 2020 A Comprehensive 4D-Var Vortex Initialization Using a Nonhydrostatic Axisymmetric TC Model with Convection Accounted for Dr. Xiaoxu Tian University of Maryland Video Recording
Jan 23, 2020 Elevating our gaze: contemplating how accelerating technological change will advance the study of extreme wind events Forrest J. Masters University of Florida Video Recording
Jan 9, 2020 Geometric and scale dependency of scalar transfer coefficient Naoki Ikegaya Kyushu University, Japan Video Recording
Jan 8, 2020 Chemical data assimilation: tool for better air quality prediction and decision making Zhiquan (Jake) Liu NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Dec 5, 2019 Goal-orient, adaptive space-time discretizations for multi-scale phenomenon (RAL/MMM Joint Seminar) Dr. David Darmofal Massachusetts Institute of Technology Video Recording
Dec 3, 2019 *The Roles of Wind-Induced Surface Heat Exchange in Secondary Eyewall Formation and Rapid Intensification of Tropical Cyclones (*MMM Distinguished Lecturer) *Professor Chun-Chieh Wu National Taiwan University Video Recording
Nov 20, 2019 Ice nucleation in the wake of warm hydrometeors (*Special RAL/MMM Joint Seminar) *Please note special day- Wednesday Prasanth Prabhakaran Michigan Tech University Video Recording