Geophysical Turbulence Program (GTP) Members

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GTP Member List

Name Affiliation
Jeff Anderson NCAR IMAGe
Sean Arms NCAR
Mary Barth NCAR
Bogusz Bienkiewicz Colorado State University
Sedat Biringen CU Boulder
Lydia Bourouiba McGill University
Grant Branstator NCAR
Jim Brasseur The Pennsylvania State University
Nic Brummell University of Colorado, Boulder
George Bryan NCAR MMM
Sean Burns NCAR
Sen Chiao Florida Institute of Technology
John Clyne NCAR
Loren Cobb University of Colorado, Denver
William Cooper NCAR
Larry Cornman NCAR
Gokhan Danabasoglu NCAR
Yuhong Fan NCAR
Evgeni Fedorovich University of Oklahoma
Aime Fournier NCAR
Rod Frehlich University of Colorado, Boulder
Boris Galperin University of South Florida
Peter Gilman NCAR
Wojciech Grabowksi NCAR MMM
David Gurarie NCAR
Corentin Herbert NCAR
Jack Herring NCAR
Peter Hess NCAR
Reginald Hill NOAA
Tom Horst NCAR
Hsiao-Ming Hsu NCAR
Keith Julien University of Colorado, Boulder
Yoshi Kimura Nagoya University
Branko Kosovic NCAR
Steven Krueger University of Utah
Jean-Francois Lamarque NCAR
Bill Large NCAR
Bill Layton University of Pittsburgh
Don Lenschow NCAR MMM
Hanli Liu NCAR
Thomas Lund NWRA
Sasha Madronich NCAR
Raffaele Marino NCAR
Mark Miesch NCAR HAO
Ralph Milliff Colorado Research Associates
Pablo Mininni NCAR IMAGe
Chin-Hoh Moeng NCAR
Kamran Mohseni University of Colorado, Boulder
Mitchell Moncrief NCAR MMM
David Montgomery Dartmouth College
Doug Nychka NCAR IMAGe
Steve Oncley NCAR
Ned Patton NCAR MMM
Annick Pouquet NCAR IMAGe
Kevin Raeder NCAR IMAGe
Mark Rast University of Colorado, Boulder
David Richter NCAR MMM
Duane Rosenberg National Center for Computational Sciences, Oak Ridge National Lab
Richard Rotunno NCAR
Joseph Schroettle University of Munich
Piotr Smolarkiewicz NCAR IMAGe/MMM
Chris Snyder NCAR
Bjorn Stevens UCLA
Robert L. Street Stanford University
Peter Sullivan NCAR MMM
Jielun Sun NCAR MMM
Juri Toomre University of Colorado, Boulder
Joe Tribbia NCAR CGD
Bhishma Tyagi Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (CORAL)
Michael Waite NCAR
Lian-Ping Wang University of Delaware
Jeffrey Weil NCAR
Joe Werne CoRA
John Wyngaard Penn State University

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