MMM Advisory Committee

The MMM Advisory Committee consists of members of the academic and weather forecasting community who are nationally or internationally recognized leaders in their respective field. The committee meets every 12 to 18 months to provide feedback on the status, and suggestions on future directions, of the MMM program. Current members
are listed below.

MMM Advisory Panel: 
Greg Hakim (U of Washington), Chair
John Finnigan (CSIRO)
Lai-Yung (Ruby) Leung (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Jeff Whitaker (NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory)
Greg McFarquhar (University of Oklahoma, CIMMS)
Ann Bostrom (U of Washington)
Dave Stensrud (Penn State)
Peter Neilley ( IBM/The Weather Company)
Marika Holland (NCAR/CGD)
The next Advisory Panel meeting: