MPAS Tutorial Payment Information


 To register click on the registration tab at the top of this website. 

  • U.S. Part-Time University Students & Staff, Foreign University, U.S. Government & NCAR/UCAR   $250.00
  • Private Industry & Foreign Government  $350.00
  • U.S.A. Full-time University Students* $0.00 (Until available seats are filled.)

*U.S. Full-time University Students are classified as Undergraduate, Master's, or PhD only. There are a limited number of seats for this category.

To qualify as a US University student, select this category on the registration page and provide the required information including a letter from your University Advisor and/or Department Head. The letter must state that you are a full-time university student and that he/she recommends your attendance in the MPAS  Tutorial. Upon registering, you will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your application. Your registration is now "pending." We will send you an email stating whether (or not) you have been accepted into the tutorial. Your credit card will NOT be charged prior to acceptence. 


You can cancel your registration by going into the website registration page and clicking on cancel. If you must cancel your attendance at the MPAS Tutorial, we will refund your registration fee (less $25.00 to cover administrative fees) on or before 26 August. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THIS DATE!


1. Credit Card: After you register online, you will receive a message letting you know that your registration for the tutorial is pending. Once you have been accepted, we will then charge your credit card and send you a confirmation email.
2. Pay at the Event - You must return and supply a credit card to pay in full by 12 August, 2019. If you do not, your registration will be canceled.
3. In-house Transfer: This option is ONLY for attendees who are having their registration fee paid by a UCAR/NCAR Lab/Division/Program. Please provide an Admin Contact and/or an account key when choosing this option; otherwise your registration will be canceled.


Photo courtesy of Terri Lynn Hamner.