North American Hail Workshop: Speaker/Presenter Information

Authors with accepted abstracts will be notified by the steering committee and once the program is finalized, speakers will receive an email with the specific session, date, and time of their presentation (or poster).Hail Field Hailstones Study Hail damage hail forecasting

Oral Presentations:

Speakers will have a total of 20 minutes allotted for their presentation and audience questions. Speakers should target 15-17 minutes for their presentations, which should allow for adequate audience participation. Session chairs will be rigid in ensuring we remain on schedule.

The aspect ratio for projector in the conference room is 16:9.

The file size limit is 55 MB. The following file types may be used: PDF document (*.pdf), Word document (*.doc), DOCX file (*.docx), RTF document (*.rtf), PowerPoint presentation (*.ppt), PowerPoint presentation (*.pps), PPTX file (*.pptx), or PPSX file (*.ppsx).

The conference room laptop will have Microsoft Office365, Powerpoint2016 . There will also be a Mac available for those speakers who prefer that platform.

For presenters wishing to use alternative media formats such as a Prezi, please notify the steering committee at We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Presenters should bring their presentation on a USB thumb drive to the workshop. Speakers will be able to upload their presentation from the USB drive to the workshop laptop prior to each session. Speakers can also upload their presentation or a link (i.e. Dropbox, Google drive) to the file to and we will ensure it is pre-loaded prior to the start of the workshop.

Poster Presentations:

There are two scheduled poster sessions where authors should be present at their poster. However, posters maybe put up at the start of the workshop and can remain displayed for the entire 3 days of the workshop. Poster presenters please collect your poster by 4 pm on Thursday August 16 or else they will be discarded afterwards.

Poster presenters please size your poster to fit on a 3.5 ft wide x 5 ft long display board. 


Header photo courtesy of Dr. Howie Bluestein. Right bottom images courtesy of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety.