Presenter's FAQ

Presenters Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

If your abstract is relevant to this workshop, it will be accepted. We may designate a submission to either oral or poster, based on the review of the abstract and overall planning of the workshop. You can find out what presentation form your submission is by checking our online agenda. We will not be sending out acceptance emails. If you need confirmation of acceptance for planning your travel, please contact


1. Short 200-word abstract

    • What is the short 200-word abstract that I submitted during registration used for?

     This abstract is used to determine whether the presentation will be placed in the oral/poster session, and in which session to place your presentation. This abstract will be uploaded onto the web, prior to the workshop. 

    • Why do I need to select a topic for my presentation?

       This is going to help us make appropriate decisions on the placement of your presentation.

    • Will this abstract be posted or printed?

        The short abstract will be posted on the web prior to the conference.  If you DO NOT want your short abstract posted on the web, please inform us when you register by clicking "Do Not Publish" on the submission form. No hard copy books will be printed but you may download the abstracts and print them out yourself if you wish.

    • If I make changes to this abstract, do I have to resubmit it?

       You may make changes at any time by logging into your workshop registration page; however, if you make changes after April 20, please inform us by sending an email to wrfhelp at ucar dot edu, so that we can be sure to note the changes for the purpose of presentations and posting them to the web.

    • When must I submit my short abstract?

       You can either submit it when you register, or you can finish your registration and then return to submit.

    • How do I submit my short abstract?

       Please submit your short abstracts online in your workshop registration account. 

    • If the name of my abstract or the author list changes, do I have to update my registration information?

       YES, as this information will be used to generate the program for the workshop. Let us know (wrfhelp at ucar dot edu) about any changes made after your initial submission, so that we can make updates to the online/printed documents.  Late changes will not be in the printed material, but will be available in the online version.

 2. Extended abstract

 Participants with accepted presentations can upload their extended abstracts. Once you have uploaded your abstract please proceed to the payment page and click the "Finish Registration" button. If you do not do this, your abstract will not be uploaded correctly.

    • Length of the abstract.

Please keep the abstract to about 4 pages. If it's too large to upload (>10 MBs), then you can email it to workshop at ucar dot edu and we will post it online.

    • Style and layout of the paper.

The style of the paper should conform to the standard of conference papers submitted to the American Meteorological Society (e.g. two-column page layout, single-spaced and at least 9pt letter size). The manuscript should include your name, affiliation and e-mail address. An electronic preprint volume will be made available on the web.

    • Can I use color in my abstract?

Yes. You may use color.

    • When must I submit my extended abstract?

You can upload an extended abstract at any time (including after the workshop) by signing into the registraiton page:  If you upload any time after May 18, 2018, you should inform us (workshop at ucar dot edu) so that we can know to look for it, and post it online. 

    • In what format must I submit the abstract?

Please send your abstract in pdf format.

    • What if I made a change to this paper?

Please resubmit your paper, as mentioned (2 bullets) above. The most current copy will be used. If you make any changes after May 18, 2018, then you should inform us (workshop at ucar dot edu).

    • What if I do not want my paper to be posted on the web?

Please inform us when you register by checking "Do Not Publish" on the submission form.


3. Poster Presenters

    • The size of the poster boards is 3.75 feet x 3.75 feet. If you pefer to print your poster locally, you can contact the FedEx office located at (303) 449-7100. The address is 2795 Pearl Street, Boulder. 

    • We have a poster viewing session during the workshop. All posters will be divided into the main workshop topics and will be displayed in these main categories to ensure easy viewing and discussions.
    • We would like to encourage all poster presenters to provide us with an electronic version of their posters (or a short pdf file describing the poster), so this can be posted on the workshop​ website. ​Please upload your poster to the registration page: The title of the uploaded file should be your poster number and last name (e.g., 43_smith.pdf). If presenters are not able to submit them to us before the workshop, we will still be accepting them afterward,and we will post them upon receipt.
    • Posters will be numbered. Presenters with odd poster numbers are asked to stay by their poster for the first hour of the session; presenters with even numbers should stay by their poster during the second hour. Everyone is free to move around the display hall during the third hour of the session.
    • Due to limited spacing and large numbers of posters, we would appreciate you informing us ahead of time should you decide not to participant in the poster session. 
    • We are able to store your poster at the registration table the morning of the poster session if needed. Be sure your full name is clearly marked on the outside of your poster tube/package if you want it stored.

4. Oral Presentations

    • How much time will I have for my oral presentation? 

 Most of the oral presentations will have a 15-minute slot, which includes a 12-minute presentation and a 3-minute Q&A session.

    • On what type of system should I generate my slideshow?

 We will have both Windows and Mac machines available at the podium for oral presentions. In order to maintain formatting, using one of these would be best.

    • In what format should my oral presentation be before emailing it to, prior to uploading it in the workshop computers?

Your presentation may be in either .ppt or .pdf format; however, we strongly encourage you to use .pdf to ensure your presentation retains the same appearance when it is uploaded to a workshop computer.

    • How do I get my slide show on the central computer?

The recommendation is to bring your talk on a memory stick (flash drive/zip drive).

    • Can I use my own computer?

No. In order to stay on time during the workshop, we cannot change computers in the middle of a session.

    • Can I use avi files?

Yes, but just prior to your session, please ensure that they will work on our computers.