Regional Climate Tutorial hosted by C3WE/MMM and IMAGE

Tutorial provides a broad overview of best practices for developing and using regional climate data
Tutorials held at NCAR, Boulder, Colorado.
This tutorial provided a broad overview of best practices for developing regional climate data and how it can be used for impact assessments. 
The Tutorial consists of both lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, which is taught by a team of NCAR climate scientists, regional climate modelers, and data scientists.
Topics included:
 1. Dynamical Downscaling (the WRF model will be used as an example of a regional climate model)
- Best practices and guidance on designing regional climate simulations
- Evaluating dynamical model output
- Manipulating dynamical model output
- Sources of uncertainty in regional climate simulations
2. Statistical downscaling of regional climate 
- Overview of statistical downscaling methods 
- Statistical modeling of extreme values
- Spatial statistics
- Estimating local impacts and extreme events not captured by dynamical models
3.  Integrating downscaled information in regional climate impact assessments.