12th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate

June 26-30, 2017, Foothills Lab

The 12th Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate, as well as meetings for the Year of Polar Prediction in the Southern Hemisphere (YOPP-SH) and the Southern Ocean Regional Panel (SORP) were held at NCAR's Foothills Laboratory June 26–30, 2017. The annual Workshop on Antarctic Meteorology and Climate brings together those in the international Antarctic community with research and operational interests in meteorology, forecasting, and related disciplines. It serves as a forum for current results, ideas, and issues in Antarctic meteorology, observing efforts, numerical weather prediction, forecasting, and climate.

The YOPP-SH meeting was held June 28-29 to review and coordinate the activities in the Southern Hemisphere during the Year of Polar Prediction (2017-2019).  Modeling efforts, observations from Antarctica, the Southern Ocean, and the Southern Hemisphere, and YOPP-SH products were discussed. 

The 12th Session of the Southern Ocean Region Panel was held June 29-30.  It covered the current and planned activities of SORP, including Southern Ocean oceanographic observations needed during YOPP-SH, oceanic behavior and its projection onto the atmosphere, and climate predictability of the ocean-atmosphere-ice system of the Southern Ocean.

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