WRF Tutorial

WRF Tutorials: July 17- 26, 2017, Boulder, CO


 The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model Tutorial will be held at the NCAR Foothills Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado.

The Basic tutorial will consist of lectures on various components of the WRF modeling system along with hands-on practice sessions. The topics include:

  1. WRF Pre-processing System
  2. WRF Dynamics and Numerics
  3. WRF Physics
  4. WRF Software Framework
  5. WRF Post-processing and Graphical Tools

The WRFDA tutorial will include lectures on a variety of topics on the full capability of the WRFDA system, along with hands-on practice sessions. The topics covered will include:

  1. Observation types, formats, and preprocessing
  2. Background error modeling and estimation
  3. 3D- and 4D-Variational data assimilation
  4. Ensemble and Hybrid Variational-Ensemble data assimilation methods
  5. Cycling with WRF and WRFDA
  6. Visualization and verification tools

Basic knowledge of atmospheric science and numerical modeling, as well as experience working with a Unix computer environment, is required for the class. WRF Tutorial participants are strongly encouraged to work through the WRF-ARW online tutorial, especially if you have not used the model before. Reviewing the online tutorial will provide an overview of the system, which can help enhance your learning experience once you are here (even if you cannot compile and run the code physically). If you run into any problems while working through this, feel free to contact "wrfhelp at ucar dot edu".

All participants are also strongly encouraged to become familiar with Unix/Linux working environment, as using directories, editing text files and Fortran code are absolutely essential to operate the modeling system programs. One can easily find Unix tutorials for beginners online for this purpose.


Due to the constraints of physical space and computers, we can only accommodate a maximum of 60 participants for the WRF Basic tutorial. The WRF DA Tutorial has a maximum of 50 participants. 

We recommend you register early since the WRF workshops fill quickly! A wait list will be established for later registrants and your status will remain as pending until a seat becomes available.


The registration fees are as follows:

(1) U.S. Part-Time University Students & Staff, Foreign University, U.S. Government & NCAR/UCAR

  • Basic $450
  • DA $250 
(2) Private Industry & Foreign Government
  • Basic $700
  • DA $350 
(3) U.S.A. Full-time University Students*
  • Basic $0.00
  • DA $250​
​*U.S. Full-time University Students are classified as Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD only.
To qualify for this, you need to select this category on the registration page and provide the required information including a letter from your University Advisor and/or Department Head.  The letter needs to state that you are a full-time student at their university and they support your attendance in the Basic WRF Tutorial.  Space is limited for this.Upon registering, you will receive an email acknowledging that we have received your registration application. At this point your registration will be "pending." Once we have received your application and and as long as we still have seats available you will receive an email stating you have been accepted, at which time your credit card will be charged. We will not charge your credit card until you are accepted.

To register click HERE, or go to the registration tab at the top of this website.

If you have any questions or are unable to register please e-mail:"wrfhelp at ucar dot edu".  Please see the Registration & Payment Page for more details.


21 April 2017: Registration opens

2 June 2017: Payment Due ("Will Call" means registrants have a seat held until 2 June, on or before 2 June you MUST return to the registration site and enter a credit card for payment.)

After 26 June, 2017: No refunds for cancellation

17 - 21 July, 2017: WRF Basic Tutorial

24 - 26 July 2017: WRF DA Tutorial


You can cancel your registration by going into the website registration page and clicking on cancel.  If you need to cancel your attendance at the WRF Tutorial, please be aware of our policy. On or before Monday, 26 June 2017, we will refund your registration fee (less $25.00 to cover administrative fees). 

We will not be offering any refunds after 26 June 2017.

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