MMM Seminars

The MMM seminars are held at 3:30 pm Thursdays in Room 1022 of NCAR's Foothills Lab, except in special circumstances as noted below.  The seminar coordinators are Morris Weisman, with administrative support from Michelle Menard.  Video recordings of many previous MMM seminars are also available below.

Upcoming MMM Seminars

Date Time Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Location
Jul 30, 2015 (Thu) 3:30pm Tropical, Convective-Scale NWP for the Singapore Region – The SINGV Project Dale Barker Met Office FL2/1001
Aug 13, 2015 (Thu) 3:30pm On the Development and Evaluation of NCEP Global Forecast Systems Fanglin Yang IMSG at Environmental Modeling Center National Centers for Environmental Prediction FL2/1022
Sep 17, 2015 (Thu) 3:30pm TBD Chris Snyder NCAR/MMM FL2/1022

Past MMM Seminars

Date Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Recording
Jul 23, 2015 Predicting the Genesis of Typhoon Nuri (2008): Impact of GPS Radio Occultation Data Bill Kuo NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Jul 9, 2015 A New Approach to Parameterize Ice-Phase Cloud Microphysics: The Predicted Particle Properties (P3) Scheme Hugh Morrison with Jason Milbrandt NCAR/MMM and Environment Canada Video Recording
Jun 25, 2015 The Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership Greg Holland NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Jun 11, 2015 The Structure and Dynamics of Coherent Vortices in the Eyewall Boundary Layer of Tropical Cyclones Dan Stern NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Jun 4, 2015 The Impact of Fire-Induced Vegetation and Soil Changes on the Diurnal Temperature Changes in the Hayman Fire Scar Margaret A. LeMone NCAR/MMM Video Recording
May 21, 2015 Intrinsic Versus Practical Limits of Atmospheric Predictability for Severe Weather: Tornadic Thunderstorms, Hurricanes and Winter Cyclones Fuqing Zhang Penn State University Video Recording
May 14, 2015 Recent Developments in Tropical Cyclogenesis Research Melville Nicholls University of Colorado, CIRES/ATOC Video Recording
May 7, 2015 Coupled Weather-Fire Modeling of Landscape-Scale Wildland Fires: Understanding & Prediction Janice Coen NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Apr 30, 2015 Microphysics of Aerodynamic Contrail Formation Processes Andrew Heymsfield with Joachim Jansen NCAR/MMM & Utrecht University, The Netherlands Video Recording
Apr 23, 2015 On the Nature of Severe Orographic Thunderstorms near the Andes in Subtropical South America Kristen Rasmussen University of Washington Video Recording