For over 27 years, MMM has excelled in researching the dynamics and physics of mesoscale and microscale atmospheric flows and processes. As our work continues, an emphasis on the modeling and prediction of these phenomena increases. MMM utilizes collaborations within NCAR and throughout the community to achieve more accurate mesoscale weather forecasts and climate prediction and projections.

The fundamental research conducted in MMM is essential for improving current weather and climate models for predicting the earth system, as well as developing innovative techniques for future models.

MMM strives to produce the most accurate and effective computational models, data assimilation systems, and representations of unresolved weather and climate model processes.

With extensive external contributions, our efforts include advancements in the Weather Research Forecasting (WRF) model, the Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS), and sophisticated codes for cloud-resolving and eddy-resolving simulations.

MMM continues to emphasize boundary-layer, turbulence and cloud-microphysics research. Eddy-resolving simulations of mesoscale phenomena such as tropical cyclones, general moist convection and fronts in the upper ocean enable us to address multi-scale dynamics, and compare our models with observations of turbulent flows. Thus, contributing to a deeper understanding of interactions across a continuous spectrum of mesoscale and microscale atmospheric motions.