Visitor Program

The visitor program of the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology (MMM) Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) aims to bring new ideas to invigorate the science and stimulate the research. MMM’s mission is to advance the understanding of the meso- and microscale aspects of weather and climate. We encourage and support collaboration between our staff members and foreign and domestic researchers at universities, private institutes, and governmental agencies.


The laboratory has set up a Visitor Program Office to coordinate and facilitate all visits. The visitor program coordinator is Nancy Sue Kerner. All visits are administered through her. Nancy is available to answer any inquiries about the program.

The Visitor Advisory Committee (VAC) is a committee of three laboratory scientists from various sections whose charge it is to advise the MMM director on the allocation of funds from the designated visitor budget. Visiting appointments are made on scientific merit, applicability to the laboratory’s scientific program, and overall cost/benefit. This committee meets twice a year, once in early Spring and once in the Fall. Ned Patton, Ryan Sobash, and Laura Fowler serve on this committee, representing all facets of the laboratory. It is this committee’s approval that is needed for any requests that ask for MMM funding support over $1500.


In order to be a visitor within MMM, there are a few essentials:

  • Within MMM, a visitor must have a host on staff to sponsor the visit. Even the one-day visitor must have a host. This host agrees to collaborate, schedule appointments or seminars, be a mentor, or direct the research or project involved. Many university professors work with their colleagues in MMM and their students are often the benefactor of these collaborations.
  • All visits must be approved by the section head of the host’s section. If there is financial support requested, then various budget considerations are presented to committees or persons responsible for those budgets affected. Before approval is given, space, computer, and other intangible resources must be considered.

Financial Support

MMM Visitor financial support can be requested through the VAC and the Section. The overall policy is “no loss, no gain.” Visitors should work through your host if you need financial support.