Geophysical Turbulence Program

GTP is a formal but loosely organized NCAR-wide activity with a modest annual budget. There are currently more than forty members of GTP-scientific staff, former scientific staff and visitors--who have joined in these activities. Most of the membership resides in the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboratory (MMM). There are also members in all laboratories at NCAR and UCAR (ACOM, CGD, CISL, EOL, HAO and RAL).

The broad goal of GTP is to promote research, education and awareness of geophysical turbulence at NCAR and in the scientific community. The budget is used to bring visitors to NCAR to give seminars and interact with UCAR staff, on workshops, and, under special circumstances, for direct support of staff, in particular graduate students. GTP members meet as a group at least once annually to choose visitors to whom to offer support, and to select and develop workshop topics. Members also provide input to the Advanced Study Program on selection of Postdoctoral Fellows who have turbulence interests.

Past Workshops Archives

Past GTP Annual Meetings