Research Sections

We are experiencing an exciting time in atmospheric science as the societal need for mesoscale and microscale meteorological predictions grows and expands into areas such as air quality and homeland security.

Major progress has been made with the development of computer capacity for complex models at fine grid scales over large domains, and in the theoretical understanding of related processes.

This has enabled more accurate specification of mesoscale and microscale atmospheric, biological and chemical processes in weather and climate models.

As MMM leads research in these areas, we are focused on improving the ways in which we communicate atmospheric processes and predictions, in order to help others understand how advances in atmospheric science will benefit society.

Our Sections

Established in 2016 in response to growing scientific and societal needs to understand high-impact weather, from local to global and sub-seasonal to multi-decadal scales...
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Carries out basic and applied research on atmospheric phenomena spanning a wide range of scales...
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Studies advanced techniques for data assimilation and probabilistic weather forecasts, and the intersections between weather hazards and society...
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Advances research and development in mesoscale meteorology and numerical weather prediction...
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Promoting research, education and awareness of geophysical turbulence at NCAR and in the scientific community...
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