OpenSky is the open access institutional repository supporting UCAR, NCAR, and UCP, extending free and open access to our scholarship for the benefit of research and education.

OpenSky is operated by the NCAR Library, founded on the principle that public access to the scholarly record is essential to the advancement of science and society. The vision of OpenSky is to preserve and make freely accessible the scholarly record of UCAR, NCAR, and UCP, in support of the broad mission of UCAR to foster science, support its community, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

What does OpenSky provide?

  • A permanent online home for your scholarship. OpenSky the central repository for storing, preserving, and providing online access to UCAR's work. Scholarly articles comprise the bulk of its content, but we encourage the deposit of manuscripts, grey literature, and any resources that are relevant to the scholarly legacy of the institution.
  • Increased access. OpenSky resources are openly available to scholars, colleagues, and researchers worldwide, unless they are under embargo.
  • Institutional Reporting. In addition to providing a permanent online home for and ensuring greater access to deposited works, OpenSky also supports the NCAR Annual Report (NAR) process. To submit works for the NAR visit the submission page, or to generate metrics reports visit the search and browse page.
  • Web Services. OpenSky staff can help automatically populate online CVs and lab or divisional web pages with up-to-date publication information. Learn more about OpenSky or contribute to OpenSky.

Contact OpenSky for help, or with any questions you might have about the repository, its services, or its mission.