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Apr. 20, 2023

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2020 Release Timeline

The general timeline for the next major WRF release, Version 4.2, scheduled for Spring 2020, is as follows. "RC" refers to the Release Committee; "DC" refers to the Developers' Committee.

September 2019

  • RC begins meetings for major release cycle.
  • Initial release picture compiled.

January 2020

  • Code accepted and admitted to the repository is eligible to be included in the release. A release branch of the repository code is designated. While the WRF repository will remain open to new submissions, such additions will not be eligible for the release branch.

February-March 2020

  • Release code testing and friendly-user releases: preliminary code made available to developers/users.
  • Only bugfixes for release code permitted.
  • WRF repository remains open for code additions, which may be considered for releases after the major release.

March-April 2020

  • Continued release code testing by friendly users.
  • Full set of regression tests run at NCAR.

April 2020

  • RC and DC meetings focus on remaining code needs and testing issues. Final round of large testing and code commits.
  • DC certifies code for release.
  • Release of V4.2 and user notification.

Release Committee

The WRF Release Committee oversees the major releases of WRF. It is described in the policies for NCAR's administration of the WRF code in WRF Code Repository and Release Administration. The members for the V4.1 release cycle are listed below.

  • Jordan Powers, NCAR/MMM— Chairman
  • Ravan Ahmadov, NOAA/ESRL
  • Michael Barlage, NCAR/RAL
  • Laurie Carson, DTC
  • Ming Chen, NCAR/MMM
  • Jimy Dudhia, NCAR/MMM
  • Jerome Fast, PNNL
  • Katelyn FitzGerald, NCAR/RAL
  • Brian Gaudet, PNNL
  • Dave Gill, NCAR/MMM
  • Jake Liu, NCAR/MMM
  • Wei Wang, NCAR/MMM
  • Kelly Werner, NCAR/MMM