Capacity Center for Climate & Weather Extremes


The Capacity Center for Climate and Weather Extremes was established in 2016 in response to growing scientific and societal needs to understand high-impact weather, from local to global and sub-seasonal to multi-decadal scales.

C3WE advances our understanding of the multi-scale Earth System processes that drive weather and climate extremes and determine their predictability. These advances are driven by actionable science questions inspired by societal needs and identified through strategic and sustained public-private partnerships.

We extend the reach of our science through the provision of new modeling techniques and datasets for high-impact weather, and the co-development of actionable science.

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C3WE identifies and pursues societally-relevant, actionable science research into extremes across time scales. C3WE is embedded within NCAR’s MMM laboratory, extending the deep expertise in mesoscale processes and prediction, with a goal of advancing actionable science in weather and climate extremes. C3WE's strategic and sustained collaborations with private-public partnerships, as well as with the larger expertise across NCAR, enable C3WE/MMM to engage in cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research activities.

To meet C3WE's scientific goals, our fundamental science is framed around a set of high-level science questions:

  • How do interactions between mesoscale and microscale processes and the large-scale environment drive extremes?
  • What physical processes connect extremes in space and time, and how do these processes extend predictability?
  • How do coupled Earth System processes enhance or suppress extremes?
  • What are the leading causes of model deficiencies in simulating and predicting extreme events, and how can they be improved?

    How can contemporary Earth System observations better constrain models for the simulation of extremes?

For more information on the research conducted by this group please visit our C3WE research page.


Name Title Contact
Willy Accame Casual - Adm Profl
Cindy Bruyere Proj Mgr II
Mike Daniels Casual - Adm Profl
James Done Proj Scientist III
Ming Ge Assoc Scientist III
Abby Jaye Assoc Scientist III
Andreas Prein Proj Scientist II
Alexandra Ramos Valle Postdoc Fellow II
Danielle Touma Visitor - Casual
Erin Towler Proj Scientist II