MMM Seminars

The MMM seminars are held at 3:30 pm Thursdays in Room 1022 of NCAR's Foothills Lab, except in special circumstances as noted below.  The seminar coordinators are Judith Berner, with administrative support from Nancy Sue Kerner (  Video recordings of many previous MMM seminars are also available below.

* - Indicates MMM Distinguished Speaker Series

Upcoming MMM Seminars

Date Time Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Location
Oct 18, 2018 (Thu) 3:30pm "If It happened In..." A Pseudo-Global Warming Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Tornadoes: Hurricane Ivan (2004). Dereka Carroll-Smith Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences, Jackson State University. FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium
Oct 25, 2018 (Thu) 3:30pm Clustering tropical cyclone forecasts using regression mixture models Alex Kowaleski Pennsylvania State University FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium
Nov 15, 2018 (Thu) 3:30pm TBD Chris Fairall NOAA/ESRL/PSD FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium
Mar 14, 2019 (Thu) 3:30pm TBD Gary Lackmann North Carolina State University FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium
Mar 21, 2019 (Thu) 3:30pm TBD Mari Tye NCAR/MMM FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium
Apr 11, 2019 (Thu) 3:30pm Unsteady Turbulence Cascades and Dissipation Christos Vassilicos Imperial College London, Department of Aeronautics FL2-1022-Large-Auditorium

Past MMM Seminars

Date Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Recording
Oct 11, 2018 A Unified EDMF Parameterization for Boundary Layer Turbulence, Shallow and Deep Convection Yair Cohen Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology Video Recording
Oct 4, 2018 Hurricane Hazard Prediction and Communication in the Modern Information Environment Rebecca E. Morss NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Aug 27, 2018 The Impact of Warm Conveyor Belt Forecast Errors on Variability in the Downstream Waveguide Jeremy Berman State University of New York-Albany (SUNY Albany)
Aug 23, 2018 The use of GPS radio occultation measurements at ECMWF Dr. Sean Healy ECMWF, United Kingdom Video Recording
Aug 17, 2018 Mesoscale Eddy Momentum Flux in a 7km Mesh Global Atmosphere Model Brian Mapes University of Miami Video Recording
Aug 16, 2018 Evapotranspiration and cloud variability at regional sub-grid scales Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano Wageningen University Video Recording
Aug 9, 2018 Tropical deep convection, lessons from convection-permitting and large-eddy simulations Jean-Pierre Chaboureau University of Toulouse/CNRS Video Recording
Aug 2, 2018 Investigation of MCS cloud and precipitation properties through an integrative analysis of aircraft in-situ measurements, ground-based remote sensing and WRF simulations Xiquan Dong Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona Video Recording
Jul 26, 2018 Human-climate feedbacks in the northern North American Great Plains Paul Stoy Montana State University Video Recording
Jul 19, 2018 What gives supercells a leg-up over ordinary convection in resisting entrainment? John Peters Professor, Naval Postgraduate School Video Recording