MMM Seminars

The MMM seminars are held at 3:30 pm Thursdays in Room 1022 of NCAR's Foothills Lab, except in special circumstances as noted below.  The seminar coordinators are Judith Berner, with administrative support from Nancy Sue Kerner (  Video recordings of many previous MMM seminars are also available below.

* - Indicates MMM Distinguished Speaker Series

Past MMM Seminars

Date Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Recording
Aug 16, 2018 Evapotranspiration and cloud variability at regional sub-grid scales Jordi Vilà-Guerau de Arellano Wageningen University Video Recording
Aug 9, 2018 Tropical deep convection, lessons from convection-permitting and large-eddy simulations Jean-Pierre Chaboureau University of Toulouse/CNRS Video Recording
Aug 2, 2018 Investigation of MCS cloud and precipitation properties through an integrative analysis of aircraft in-situ measurements, ground-based remote sensing and WRF simulations Xiquan Dong Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona Video Recording
Jul 26, 2018 Human-climate feedbacks in the northern North American Great Plains Paul Stoy Montana State University Video Recording
Jul 19, 2018 What gives supercells a leg-up over ordinary convection in resisting entrainment? John Peters Professor, Naval Postgraduate School Video Recording
Jul 16, 2018 Boltzmann-equation based computational fluid dynamics Professor Lian-Ping Wang Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, SUSTech
Jul 12, 2018 Local Land-Atmosphere Interaction: Will Clouds Form? Michael Ek NCAR/RAL/JNT Video Recording
Jun 28, 2018 Hydroclimate Variability in the Southwestern US: From Tree Rings to Climate Models to Streamflow Forecasting Flavio Lehner NCAR/RAL/CGD Video Recording
Jun 26, 2018 Simulation of ice particle shape effects using NTU multi-moment microphysics scheme Jen-Ping Chen National Taiwan University Video Recording
Jun 12, 2018 Human Mobility, Hazard Perceptions, and Individualized, Context-Aware Severe Weather Warning Systems Brenda Philips University of Massachusetts, Amherst Video Recording