2016-Feb-26 NCAR weather modeling system aids Antarctic rescue effort image captured from AMPS Antarctic weather model

The Antarctic-tuned system was used to get a specialized forecast for the LC-130 ski plane sent to rescue more than 30 people stranded at an Australian research station.

2016-Feb-04 Southwest dries as wet weather systems become more rare  A dry lake bed in Colorado

The weather patterns that typically bring moisture to the southwestern United States are becoming more rare, an indication that the region is sliding into a drier climate state.

2016-Jan-21 The quest to predict severe weather sooner NCAR MPAS hexagonal mesh grid

A global weather model developed at NCAR offers a new way of simulating the atmosphere while providing scientists with flexibility when focusing on a specific area.

2015-Nov-17 Saving farmers money in tropical West Africa Ignitia chief executive and 2 farmers inspecting rice in northern Ghana

A Swedish company has adapted NCAR's WRF platform to produce rainfall forecasts and deliver them to farmers' cell phones.

2015-Nov-10 Looking at swells in 3D still from 3D animation shows ocean swell motion propagating into the atmosphere

Winds not only influence waves, but waves influence the atmosphere as well.

2015-Sep-29 Engineering for disaster  bicycle path channels floodwaters during 2013 storm, Boulder, CO

As damages from extreme weather events rise, systems designed to be resilient are more important than ever.

2015-Sep-08 A cool setting for hurricane births  satellite image of Tropical Storm Karl in 2010

Research may shed light on why some clusters of thunderstorms spin up into tropical storms while others dissipate.

2015-Jun-29 Picturing the forecast: National Weather Service graphics developed with NCAR research New NWS forecast graphics, shown here, draw on NCAR research.

Introduced by the NWS this summer, the graphics draw on research by a team of risk communication experts at NCAR.

2015-Jun-03 Storm-proven forecasting gets yearlong trial Map showing NCAR ensemble forecast with results from 10 members

NCAR scientists are generating daily, high-resolution ensemble forecasts for the continental U.S. and making them available online.