MMM Seminars

The MMM seminars are held at 3:30 pm Thursdays in Room 1022 of NCAR's Foothills Lab, except in special circumstances as noted below.  The seminar coordinators are Judith Berner, with administrative support from Nancy Sue Kerner (  Video recordings of many previous MMM seminars are also available below.

* - Indicates MMM Distinguished Speaker Series

Past MMM Seminars

Date Seminar TItle Presenter(s) Affiliation(s) Recording
Feb 4, 2016 Atmospheric Bores and Nocturnal Convection: Insights from the IHOP_2002 field project data and a simulated MCS Kevin Haghi University of Oklahoma Video Recording
Jan 28, 2016 A Comparison of the Downstream Predictability Associated with ET and Baroclinic Cyclones Ryan Torn SUNY
Jan 21, 2016 No Seminar Today None
Jan 7, 2016 Biases and Limitations in the Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity David Nolan University of Miami Video Recording
Dec 17, 2015 Between Quasigeostrophic and Stratified Turbulence Peter Bartello McGill University, Montreal Video Recording
Dec 10, 2015 In-situ Ice Crystal Properties at High-Latitudes Thomas Kuhn Lulea University of Technology
Nov 19, 2015 Regional Convection-Permitting Climate Modeling: Demonstrations, Prospects, and Challenges Andreas F. Prein NCAR/MMM Video Recording
Nov 5, 2015 Thunderstorms Don’t Get Butterflies Dale Durran University of Washington Video Recording
Oct 23, 2015 Severe Thunderstorms: What Observations, Environments and Climate Interactions Can Tell Us John Allen International Research Institute for Climate and Society; Columbia University
Oct 22, 2015 A Dynamic Mechanism for Initial MJO Convective Onset Scott Powell University of Washington Video Recording